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    January 10, 2023


    Courchevel was hardly more than a few high mountain fields and deep woodlands at the turn of the twentieth century. There were no cities and few villages of any size, with most residents working the land or in the sawmills. Courchevel was like any of the thousands of little settlements dotting the Alps.

    It was a collection of little hamlets and farmer’s fields until skiing became popular. It is located in the commune of Saint-Bon-Tarentaise, high on the south side of the Isère Valley, about 57 miles east-southeast of Chambéry. The Trois Vallées, which includes Courchevel and the neighboring resorts of Méribel, Les Menuires, and Val Thorens, is the largest and most extensively equipped skiing area in the Alps.

    Courchevel has four major villages that are linked by ski lifts and are located at elevations ranging from 4,250 to 6,050 feet. Courchevel 1850, which operates its tiny airport, is the most significant and renowned of the communities whose names are derived from its metric elevation.


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    Courchevel is more than just a winter sports destination with opulent accommodations. It is also a location famous for the outstanding quality of its slopes and ski lifts. Snow, planning, grooming, and safety – everything has been accomplished in the pursuit of quality, to provide skiers all over the world with unrivaled snow delight.

    From novice to expert, everyone can find something to make their days on the slopes of Courchevel unforgettable. This place has the perfect slopes, couloirs, and woodland and a variety of routes are added to various specific zones, such as Western Ski Park, Family Park, and Freeride LAB, not to mention historical tracks such as the renowned Saulire and its beautiful cable car, or the iconic black World Cup run in the forest, the Jean Blanc.


    Courchevel with a Date

    With 600 kilometers of snowy terrain, the Three Valleys Ski is not only the largest but also one of the most picturesque ski regions in the world. Courchevel offers vacation in one of the world’s two most prominent and known resorts and has been named the Top of the French Alps, making it a top destination for people who want to experience something new.

    It’s a place where you can bring a beautiful date who is not just a woman of natural beauty, but a refined and warm-hearted lady with high standards. An elegant and tasteful woman who is able to enjoy extreme adventures and quiet nights both. She will make the trip far more enjoyable, magical even, for the both of you with her high wit and charm as well as her interesting and pleasing personality.

    If you want to enjoy top-class service and a unique experience in one of the most picturesque places in the world, a trip to Courchevel should be on your priority list with her. The famed Courchevel welcomes you and your fantastic date for a week of top-tier off-piste and après-ski, descend into its stores, spas, bars, and luxury restaurants.

    Fly over the Alps in an aircraft and enjoy all the peaks from the skies in Courchevel. This Savoie ski town offers Europe’s only altiport, making it ideal for a scenic flight or flying instruction. The airline operates all year and provides flights ranging from 15 minutes to one hour. Fly above Courchevel, Méribel, and the entire Les 3 Vallées region to Mont-Blanc and its iconic peaks. If you want to take the wheel, the instructors, who are mountain flying pros, will show you how to fly on your own.

    With approximately 70 km of cross-country ski slopes, the alpine ski area of Courchevel ski resort is a paradise for cross-country skiers of all abilities, both conventional practitioners and skaters. Put on your Nordic skis and head out on the free-groomed slopes in the various communities during your mountain vacation or weekend, guided by an instructor or on your own. The slopes’ varying levels of difficulty are color-coded, precisely like the downhill ski courses.

    Courchevel is also known for the high quality of its infrastructure, which is part of its history. Stroll around the towns, take in the scenery, and learn about the local customs. A chapel or a church can be found in every village or charming hamlet. The valley’s religious legacy, which is strongly related to pastoral traditions, forms the foundation of the resort’s history. In Saint-Bon, the birthplace of Courchevel, see the architecture of the ancient holiday cottages, the bread oven, and the old still.

    Courchevel, with its international standing for luxury and world-class skiing, clearly targets the upper end of the tourist market. Its picturesque villages and easy access to the Three Valleys, the world’s biggest connected ski resort, have made it a favorite of the affluent and famous. Piste de Bellecote has a hotel with a luxurious environment for guests looking to refresh their batteries.

    The hotel blends modernism with conviviality, elegance, and comfort, all in a beautiful setting where the spirit of the mountains reigns supreme. A single goal is to elevate the act of hosting to the level of art.


    elite travel companion previewCourchevel Luxury Dining

    The value of enjoying a delightful and elegant dining experience in Courchevel might be staggering. Courchevel will exceed your expectations by meeting all of your demands.

    This place provides a variety of locations with distinct food and stylish décor while keeping the classic alpine culture for a night out with someone special. You’ll want to shine and look your best. The attire is indeed to dress to dazzle.

    The ideal lunch location is Courchevel Le Praz. It is open daily throughout the season. The restaurant mixes modern and alpine design elements. As a result, it strives to maintain a warm and inviting atmosphere that guests like.

    The chef earned his Michelin star by utilizing fresh and seasonal local ingredients to produce simple and delectable excellent meals. Furthermore, the restaurant provides a romantic atmosphere and is ideal for a one-of-a-kind fantasy date.

    The menu features French European cuisine served in exquisite crockery. A professional sommelier also presents a difficult yet intriguing wine list. This restaurant is suitable for people of all ages and is suitable for families.

    There is also a truly historic restaurant that began operating 50 years ago. This restaurant earned two Michelin stars for its famous upmarket food and hospitality. The restaurant is situated in Courchevel 1850’s Chenus neighborhood.

    It is a family restaurant with a classic design and a combination of old-style and traditional Savoyard cuisine. Moreover, the outdoor seating area greets guests with views of the mountain and the city center, whilst relishing delicious meals and famous beverages.

    The premium restaurants are available all day so you may have a casual or expensive supper. Coffee shops selling hot drinks and snacks, as well as ski resorts, complement the gastronomic outlets.

    Surprisingly, it is unerringly constant, and you will be given humbly mouth-watering meals at every step. To know more about the culinary delights Courchevel has to offer, check out Michelin’s guide here: