Discover Opulent San Cassiano


    January 10, 2023


    San Cassiano is a little mountain community in Alta Badia, located at the foot of the spectacular La Varella mountain, with the traditional Dolomites beauty and an environment of peace and calm as tempting as the spectacular scenery surrounding it. Before it was colonized, the settlement served as a sheep pasture.

    The eponymous saint, to which the local church is dedicated, inspired the name. The highest point is 1,537 meters above sea level. San Cassiano is a popular tourist destination throughout the year, and tourism has evolved into the primary source of income for the majority of its residents.

    Many historic World War I fighting took place in the Dolomites region. San Cassiano is an excellent site to learn about the past by exploring the numerous areas that pay homage to this tragic period in history. Mount Lagazuoi and Störes Mountain both provide fascinating and depressing looks into the past and much of what has fashioned the world into what it is now.


    Discover opulent San Cassiano ski resort with your luxury travel companion and vacation escort


    San Cassiano has some of the most opulent lodgings in the Dolomites, from exquisite hotels to first-class gourmet food – you’ll feel like royalty. When you combine all of this opulence with the breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding landscapes, replete with soaring peaks and quiet meadows, you’ll feel as if you’ve discovered heaven on Earth. The excitement of downhill skiing is not for everyone.

    Others choose to alternate exciting descents with tranquil cross-country excursions. San Cassiano offers numerous good routes that mix exercise with breathtaking views of the neighboring mountain ranges. Nothing beats seeing the red sun set behind the huge Dolomites, and San Cassiano provides a particularly wonderful perspective of this stunning daily scene.

    Enjoy a fantastic world-class lunch and a drink of local wine while enjoying the gorgeous pink, crimson, and orange colors that caress the mountain summits, or go for a late afternoon cross-country adventure in the dwindling light of the sun as it drops into the night.

    San Cassiano is the ideal location for the tired visitor who wants to explore the Dolomites from a completely new perspective. It is a charming small mountain community rich with history, elegance, and a touch of luxury, while yet keeping its ancient alpine charm.


    San Cassiano with a Date

    From historical landmarks to great restaurants and some of the nicest lodgings in the area, you’ll find it difficult to leave San Cassiano.  To enjoy the most magical experience of San Cassiano, bring a beautiful female companion with you, with whom you can create and share memorable experiences.

    An intelligent, elegant lady who shows sincerity and enjoys many of the same interests as you. She should radiate natural beauty, and class, and be fun to be with. The charming community of San Cassiano is located amid Europe’s largest ski region, and will be a wonderful place to be with someone as amazing as your VIP luxury travel date from Elite Muse.

    Taking the Piz Sorega gondola from the town center will take you and your date straight into the middle of the Alta Badia ski region. From here, you both may ski from San Cassiano to Armentarola on pleasantly sloping terrain. Alternatively, you might ski over to Corvara, which serves as the starting point for the lengthy Sellaronda path for those seeking a greater challenge.

    If you and your lovely date are looking for something a little more daring, try the famous World Cup giant slalom piste, the Gran Risa, or travel across to the ‘Hidden Valley’ of Lagazuoi. The latter is one of the region’s most iconic routes, surrounded by ice waterfalls and sheer granite cliffs. If you’re searching for an off-piste adventure, there are lots to explore with a mountain guide, including Val Mezdi skiing.

    Alpine tradition and luxury accommodation, well-being and relaxation, beauty and renewal, unforgettable panorama, and athletic activities in the rocky Dolomite mountains – these are the characteristics that distinguish your stay at the Hotel Fanes in Alta Badia, South Tyrol. Its specialty is first-rate quality and personalized service. The ambiance, as well as the cuisine and friendliness, are all convincing at Hotel Fanes.

    5-star comfort in the accommodation and staff, as well as our heliport, and no request is unmet. Something new awaits you and your beautiful date to experience the sense of freedom and light fluctuation by touching nature and being in seventh heaven: The Sky pool. A magnificent 25 meters Sky Pool that portrays “The New Fanes Pearl”. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with a wow factor and a 360° dream vista.

    From the most encompassing health to the most delectable culinary delights, from the most rewarding outdoor activities to the most amusing leisure. Hotel Fanes look forward to welcoming you and your companion to its acclaimed hotel in Alta Badia, your beautiful dolomites sanctuary.


    elite luxury travel companion previewSan Cassiano Fine Dining

    The cuisine of the Dolomites is reaching out to new horizons while fiercely preserving its heritage and individuality.

    Alta Badia is renowned for its genuine Ladin food, which is best sampled at farms and mountain huts that uphold the tradition of tastes, evoking the region’s history and peasant roots.

    For a complete immersion in traditional food, visit feasts and festivals, courses of regional cuisine, and marketplaces of regional products.

    The Three Michelin-starred restaurant located in the magnificent Rosa Alpina hotel, (where the dining area is furnished in a simple and contemporary manner influenced by local traditions), welcomes guests with a famous green ceramic stove bearing the effigy of a deer.

    The service is managed by outstanding maître and sommelier Lukas Gerges, who makes customers feel entirely welcomed and at home in a manner that few locations manage to duplicate.

    Here, Norbert Niederkofler commands attention as a chef who has turned the mountains and a respect for nature into the core of his culinary and personal philosophy, which has earned him a Michelin Green star.

    His concentration is on local and Alpine products, which are exhibited on a long and thrilling tasting menu: he welcomes the limitations imposed by the Dolomites’ climate and topography, viewing them as a challenge.

    As a result, his food is an excellent portrayal of the region and its customs, ensuring that even people who are unaccustomed to the mountains will quickly become devoted admirers.

    You and your gorgeous companion will surely enjoy the meal and wine pairing as you talk and get to know each other more. View more of San Cassiano’s amazing Michelin-starred restaurants here: