Discover Opulent Caye Chapel Island


    January 13, 2023


    Caye Chapel is a tiny island in Belize that is privately owned. It is situated around 25 kilometers north-northeast of Belize City and 7 kilometers south of Caye Caulker.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bacalar Chico National Park and Marine Reserve can be found just next to the island of Caye Chapel.

    It is anticipated that Caye Chapel will become Latin America’s most opulent and breathtaking tourist attraction. This 280-acre island will provide stunning beachfront lots and homes for sale. In addition to these features, it will feature an exceptional marina that can accommodate yachts of up to 140 feet in length, a private landing strip that shortens the travel time between the island and the international airports in Belize and San Pedro, and a luxury hotel with over-the-water bungalows.


    Discover opulent Caye Chapel island with your luxury travel companion and vacation escort


    In addition to an unrivaled golf course that can only be found on an island the size of Caye Chapel, the area around the marina is home to a curated selection of shops, restaurants, and bars that will together form a one-of-a-kind commercial hub for the neighborhood.

    Incredibly diverse in its natural wonders, Belize is neither wholly Latin American nor wholly Caribbean. However, despite its still-rustic appeal, it is a fascinating location for those who wish to experience the thrill of knowing there are uncharted regions of the planet waiting to be discovered.

    The Belizean keys are the perfect vacation destination for everyone who adores powdery white beaches, gin-clear oceans, and, most importantly, captivating seabeds that will make you fall hopelessly in love. It is essential to remember that Belize is home to a true underwater paradise in the form of the world’s second-biggest barrier reef, which surpasses the size of the Barrier Reef found in Australia.


    Caye Chapel with a Date

    The resort is unlike any other in the world, giving visitors and locals a taste of “barefoot luxury” that can’t be found anywhere else. Experience a wholesome getaway with a beautiful, loving companion, whose temperament is as pleasant as the pristine waters. She should be enchanting and charming, with poised character, a sense of humor, ad a warm, easy going nature. Perfect for your luxury Island vacation.

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    You can reach Caye Chapel Island from most of the world’s major airports. The service at the Caye Chapel begins the moment guests step off the plane, with transportation arranged by the resort before they ever leave the terminal.

    Scuba diving is a popular pastime in Belize since the nation is home to a wide variety of exciting dive sites, including the barrier reef and the world-famous great blue hole, which is 120 meters deep and more than 300 meters wide.

    You may also go caving in the greatest network of tunnels in Central America, witness toucans in the tree canopy, and snorkel in the shallow waters of the rainforest. You may arrange to do things like zip line on Belize’s longest course and go bird viewing in San Pedro through your hotel.

    The incredible variety of indigenous species in Belize is only one example of the amazing wildlife you can find in this Caribbean paradise, which makes Caye Chapel one of the nicest places on Earth and a favorite among divers. Swimming with nurse sharks is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that offers a similar adrenaline thrill.

    From the easily accessible Altun Ha, the Mayan site closest to Belize City, to the more isolated remains of Nim Li Punit to the south and Lamanai to the north, Belize contains the biggest concentration of Mayan ruins in all of Central America. Traveling by boat through the system of rivers that crosses the Belizean rainforest to reach Lamanai is a fascinating and unique experience for any traveler looking for a change of pace, as you will see many of the species of animals that call this ancient site home.

    El Caracol’s are the largest and most well-known, but getting there is no easy feat since the journey is difficult to access and takes around 2.5 hours from San Ignacio. However, as an important archaeological site in Belize, it is well worth the trip. Although not the oldest, it is the best kept.

    Discover, relax and unwind while taking in the island’s stunning natural scenery. An effortless existence on an exclusive island community designed for individuals aware of and appreciate the essence finest living. This lifestyle comes complete with world-class amenities and the hallmark Four Seasons service right outside your door.

    Relax with your dazzling companion in the warm Caribbean sun all year long or celebrate special events as the sun setelite luxury travel companion previewCaye Chapel Fine Dining

    Take a yacht out on the water and sail to the nearby island of Caye Caulker, where you can have a meal in the most elegant restaurant that Caye Chapel offers. With Delicious cuisine, an excellent environment, and incredible live music all in one place.

    Unquestionably the most picturesque dining establishment in Caye Caulker. You will feel like you have traveled to another universe when you enter the lush tropical garden filled with unusual flora.

    The staff is kind and knowledgeable and treats you in a way that will make you feel very welcome. The cuisine is authentic Italian cooking at its finest, prepared with seasonal ingredients, and truly excellent.

    As a sweet treat, you should try the chocolate molten lava cake.

    Another tiny restaurant that gets packed very quickly and is only available for reservations.  The owners, every night, prepare two special handmade pasta meals using spaghetti from fresh.

    Although it is one of our more expensive haunts on the island, it is consistently one of the most enjoyable experiences there.

    A true classic in Caye Caulker. With food that is both incredibly memorable and diverse, such as handmade pasta and Thai coconut curries, as well as Brazilian pig or hot fajitas made of beef, chicken, or jerk pork.

    Creole Voodoo Cakes is a specialty dish found on their menus. These seafood patties are pan-sautéed and come with a fiery dipping sauce. The evening specialties are typically innovative spins on whatever fresh fish and seafood caught that particular day.

    This raised-stilt wooden residence features a lovely wraparound veranda that is open air and features heavy wooden tables scattered over its surface. There is seating available both inside and outside of the establishment. You can get margaritas and sangria by the pitcher, and the wine selection that Caye Caulker has to offer is pretty solid if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

    Caye Chapel is as exclusive as the guests they accept and so when dining there, you get the privacy and exclusivity you pay for. Get more information about this island and everything it offers here: