Discover Luxurious Laucala Island, Fiji


    December 8, 2022


    Laucala Island is located about 200 kilometers northeast of Suva, off the east coast of Taveuni in Fiji. The 12-square-kilometer island is located 500 meters east of Qamea Island, with Matagi Island nearby. With only 25 villas, Laucala Island is an extraordinary natural paradise in Fiji and one of the world’s largest private island resorts.

    Laucala is a South Pacific private tropical island, home to 25 Fijian-style villas, plantations, tropical forests, and pristine white sandy beaches. This island resort was built without cutting corners. The priority, however, was sustainability and environmental friendliness.

    As a result, the island has breathtaking scenery including natural forests, coconut plantations, traditional-style farms, mangroves, beaches, coral reefs, and even volcanic mountains.


    Discover exclusive and luxurious Laucala Island in Fiji, with your beautiful bikini model travel companion


    Laucala is made up of 3,500 acres of coconut plantations and green rolling hills, as well as dreamlike sandy beaches. The transition from indoor to outdoor is one of the most seamless, unrivaled by other island hideaways, thanks to the resort’s respect, admiration, and commitment to vernacular Fijian architecture.

    Laucala has been named a Top 20 Resort in the Australia/Pacific region by travelers. Their whole-island philosophy includes raising livestock and vegetables, caring for the environment, and handcrafting all guest products from the island’s natural resources. In this way, they preserved Laucala’s integrity and history. Laucala truly embodies Eco-Tourism wizardry.

    Laucala’s modern history began in 1869, when the self-proclaimed king of Fiji, Ratu Cakobau, sold Laucala Island to European settlers while ceding the islands to Britain. Back in 1972, a billionaire purchased this speck of paradise and transformed it into a private sanctuary.

    The current owner has spared no expense in creating a magnificent island hideaway. As a result, top-tier luxury with complete privacy is achieved. Each of the 25 villas in tranquil Laucala is sensational adaptations of traditional Fijian residences.


    Laucala Island with a Date

    Laucala is a luxurious private island with impeccably fixed residences, or “Bures” known in Fijian parlance. These villas are meticulously crafted rather than built because the essence of Fijian vernacular architecture is heavily reliant on locally available materials such as bamboo, cane, and other natural materials intended to provide discerning guests with a taste of “Natural Fiji” they had no idea existed.

    Surrounded by blue Melanesian waters and lush greenery, it offers a variety of extraordinary activities that are unique only to this island. Extremely ideal for an island date that will impress you and your companion when you visit. The island offers numerous romantic activities to do during your stay that will surely make for an undoubtedly memorable time with your date.

    She will be mesmerized and captivated by the sheer beauty of the nature and the exclusivity brought only by the privacy of the island just as you will be captivated by her presence that speaks of adventures, beauty, comfort, elegance and intelligence.

    The Laucala resort has its own airstrip for private planes and can arrange connecting flights from the airport on resort-owned planes. Satisfy your inner aviation geek while also indulging in one of the world’s most extravagant getaways. There is no more opulent resort in Fiji than Laucala.

    It’s where the rich and famous go to relax. Since the Laucala resort is so exclusive, you are unlikely to meet other guests. Each of the 25 residences is spaced apart in unique locations with different themes, providing privacy and peace. The staff will help you throughout your stay on the island, and services are as glorious as the island’s setting. The island offers a world-class golf course, pools and waterfalls, and a bar in each bedroom and lounge.

    Unwind on a spa treatment as Laucala’s spa has four suites. The views from the cliff top are breathtaking. The Laucala spa’s best feature is that all herbs and flowers are grown in the resort’s on-site gardens.

    Engage yourself in a mesmerizing diving experience while you explore nine dive sites in the inner reef and snorkel around the island. Awe-inspire your date in a sunset cruise, ride on jet skis and underwater scooters. Play tennis at their tennis court or perhaps saddle yourself on a horseback riding experience.

    Captivate yourself and your companion in one of the island’s luxurious villas, which provide the ultimate in privacy and romance. This residence is surrounded by rolling green hills and a private white sand beach and is caressed by the turquoise waters of the South Pacific. Each living area is linked to the next by rope bridges that provide breathtaking views.


    elite travel companion previewLaucala Island Dining

    Laucala is home to few restaurants that provide a unique dining experience that’s sure to surprise you a feast for the senses. At Laucala, the culinary norm is that all meals are nicely complemented with wines and spirits to match the dining temperament.

    The in-house wine cellar, which is well-stocked with high-quality wines, has long been a mystery to wine connoisseurs. Spend an afternoon on the beaches or go fishing in the South Pacific, and the chefs will prepare your catch for dinner.

    The island has a sustainable 240-acre farm that provides most of the ingredients used by the restaurants, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and animals. Cuisines aren’t just bursting with flavor, but they are centered around health, well-being, and sustainability. Every stay includes all dining and vintage beverages.

    Satisfy your palate in an elegantly housed colonial-style mansion that serves everything from classic à la carte breakfasts to fine-dining dinners. Indulge in a gourmet-style dining experience that is prepared in a farm-to-table philosophy, incorporating daily fresh vegetables, herbs, meats, and seafood.

    It is where the food philosophy is most strict, centered on a Chef’s love of farm-to-fork, ocean-to-earth dining. It is Laucala’s main dining location, perched on a lawned incline above the palm groves that reach out to the ocean’s edge.

    The restaurant, which is surrounded by mature mango, mountain apple, and cinnamon trees, is an elegant mix of white wood walls, pale leather and rattan furniture, and overhead ceiling fans that beat slowly.

    The doors lead to a verandah-style terrace where you can enjoy the morning breeze and a separate dining area for you and your date. Some of their fine menus are Braised Beef Cheek, White Onion Soup, and Wagyu Beef Tartare, with deserts such as Grilled Wagyu Sirloin, Sorbet, and Mille Feuille that are perfect for your palates.

    Aside from the elegant-style mansion, you can enjoy pre-dinner cocktails and post-dinner aperitifs to easy beats, birdsong, and ocean waves in the islands lounge. The black basalt rocks and the forest, with palms and banyans bursting out of the crevices, make it feel like it’s part of the ocean.

    A Dining by Design experience allows you to enjoy a special meal in a location of your choosing. Thai dishes are prepared and served by a Thai chef. Only the views, with its four-tiered alfresco dining areas and waterside perch, are more enticing than the Asian-influenced cuisine.

    The menu changes regularly to take advantage of seasonal produce and is paired with a carefully chosen wine list. One dining deck is entirely dedicated to teppanyaki specialties, with an interesting and thoughtful selection of wine, beer, and sake.

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