Discover Lovely Boracay Island


    December 8, 2022


    Boracay was a relatively unknown yet attractive beach until the 1980s when a German traveler, Jens Peters, decided to include it in one of his books. Fortunately or unfortunately, since then the island became known worldwide and has gradually evolved into a highly commercialized vacation town, with big-name hotels and resorts sprouting up along its white-sand coastline.

    The island became more accessible for tourists thanks to the three stations known as Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3 that welcome guests to the island of Boracay. As of now, entry to the Boracay islands is allowed via Caticlan, one of the island’s barangays or districts that also serves as the island’s gateway.


    Visit Boracay Island with a beautiful model as your luxury travel companion


    The six square miles island is home to innumerable gorgeous beaches surrounded by palm trees and powder soft white sand that offers breathtaking sunset views, a vibrant nightlife, restaurants along the west shore, and some of South East Asia’s greatest watersports.

    Strong winds on the east coast make Bulabog Beach of Boracay a hotspot and center for water sports. On the other hand, the nearby Mount Luho observation deck provides sweeping views of the island. The island also offers diverse marine life that inhabits shipwrecks and coral reefs offshore.

    Swimming, island hopping, diving, snorkeling, parasailing, and kayaking are just some interesting water activities that you can do while staying on the island. Aside from these, Boracay island also has a golf course, tennis courts, horseback riding places, and massage establishments.


    Boracay with a Date

    Boracay is a paradise with clear waters and a captivating view located in the Pacific. Explore the wonders of this amazing island and make your trip more meaningful with an equally amazing luxury travel date. A naturally beautiful woman who shares your hobbies and interests will certainly make your trip rather more special!

    She should be a warm and humorous woman who is delightful to be with. Amiable, self-assured, and posed with class and elegance is the ideal luxury travel companion. An easy going traveling companion can make your trip to Boracay Island an unforgettable experience.

    There are many ways to enjoy Boracay with your companion. The island offers various activities both romantic and fun. Everybody may find an adventure on Crystal Cove Island, which features hiking paths, a gorgeous beach, amazing vistas, and a small museum. The caves are accessible by boat from the main island of Boracay.

    You can try high-altitude activities located at Bulabong Beach. Even if you are not familiar with the activity, you and your companion can enjoy yourselves just by watching the surfers with their acrobatic moves. Another activity is waiting at Ariel’s Point for you and your date. It is the ideal location if you want to make the most of your trip and participate in the most exciting activity on the island, cliff diving.

    A 30-minute drive from Boracay stands a small, rocky island with 5 diving boards that range in height from 3 to 15 meters. Although it could appear frightening, you surely won’t forget the experience. If water activities are not on your list, you can instead climb to Mount Luho, the area’s highest peak, for some panoramas that will surely take you and your companion’s breath away.

    Boracay does not only offer fun water activities, but also golf and spas where you and your date can relax while enjoying the salty yet refreshing air of the island. A golf resort in Boracay offers an exclusive beach and pool, with superb facilities and high-class services. It also has an 18-hole golf course that you can enjoy if would like to take a break.

    Spas are also scattered on the island, giving you an easy time looking for a place to have a great time while relaxing with your beautiful model travel companion. Shangri-La Boracay emanates tropical island elegance in a secluded harbor on Boracay’s beautiful northern shore and was named among the Best Resorts in Asia in Conde Nast Traveler’s 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards.

    The hotel provides a one-of-a-kind arrival experience from Caticlan Airport directly to the resort. Shangri-La Boracay has 219 elegant rooms, suites, and villas. They have been thoughtfully created with modern guests in mind, with fascinating décor that combines traditional materials with authentic Filipino characteristics.

    Every room includes a large balcony with a daybed. From every vantage point, the resort’s layout provides stunning views of lush green countryside and turquoise seas.


    elite travel companion previewBoracay Dinning with a Date

    The Boracay cuisine provides even more special touches to your paradise holiday. It can be difficult to relax on Boracay’s renowned white beach with all the tourists. You can also get hungry from all the activities and excursions on the island. You must take advantage of all that this tiny Philippine Island has to offer.

    Native Boracay cuisine is simple yet flavorful. The cuisine of Boracay also combines flavors from various ethnicities that have traveled across the nation over time. As a result, you may find a wide variety of restaurants on the island serving well-known meals with a regional twist.

    You have the option of dining on Western, Spanish, or Mexican cuisine. There is even Italian cuisine on the beach. While visiting Boracay, you should also try the popular Filipino dishes. Trying new food with your date makes the trip even more exciting!

    A well-known fine dining restaurant on the Island of Boracay is situated on the first floor of the Belmont hotel. The restaurant offers a colorful all-day eating experience, as well as a modern feast for the palette.

    With Asian and Mediterranean elements, the food and beverage choices are inspired by the neighboring ridge and pristine white sand beach. Quality fresh produce is used on the menu to help local farmers and promote long-term sustainability.

    Another exquisite fine dining restaurant in Boracay is an award-winning trademark seafood restaurant that is perched on a clifftop above crystal-blue waves. Specialties include meals like the seafood platter, which has the freshest and most decadent seafood options that are carefully selected to present the exquisite flavors of the ocean.

    Guests may also recline at the famed outside cabanas with cool herb drinks or traditional creations from the bar. You and your date can choose from the restaurant’s vast array of wine and champagne options to go and pair with your meal.

    You can also opt for a sunset dinner date and enjoy the view of both the crystal blue waters and the sunset that reflects in the water.

    Boracay’s diverse cuisine offerings may sometimes be too much to handle. To help you, view  this curated list of the best Boracay dining establishments: