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    December 8, 2022


    Fogo Island is a state of thought rather than a physical location. The biggest offshore island of Newfoundland and Labrador, with a strong nautical history, is a lovely world of bright-colored clapboard cottages, sea-cliff walkways, lush woodland, and genuine hospitality set against a magnificent shoreline.

    Fogo Island is home to some of Canada’s oldest European settlements, making it a hotspot of national historic monuments. First came indigenous tribes, then fishermen, and finally organized fisheries. The word Fogo means “fire.” And this moniker indicates the actual nature of the Sotavento island with its 40,000 occupants: a volcano. Pico de Fogo, the tallest hill in Cape Verde, rises to 2,829 meters and dominates the island’s scenery.


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    Fogo Island is undoubtedly among the most picturesque islands along the coast. Fogo Island is a terrific site to visit, with gorgeous scenery, great hiking, the rare iceberg, a surprising quantity of wildlife both on land and in the sea, and some of the weirdest claims to fame everywhere in Newfoundland and Labrador.

    Fogo Island, at about 25 kilometers by 14 kilometers, may be considered fairly huge in comparison to the hundreds of rocky islets strewn up and down the Newfoundland coast, or relatively tiny in comparison to many other inhabited islands.

    Fogo Island is one of the greatest spots in Canada to see icebergs and whales, and it also has a rich Irish past as one of North America’s first European settlements, is fast becoming a world-renowned art hotspot and is home to one of the country’s most luxurious hotels.

    It also happens to be Newfoundland’s biggest secondary island, with a stunning natural landscape and a permanent caribou population. The several pleasant walks that can be taken immediately in or around Fogo, as well as simply exploring the charming harbor, were its greatest features. Many structures from the town’s early days, however, still stand today and may be visited to learn more about the area’s rich history.


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    Fogo Island is tiny enough to get to understand, yet large enough to provide activities during its seven distinct seasons. The Island’s “near North” terrain encourages exploration, with hundreds of guaranteed stunning walks right outside your door.

    Fogo Islanders have created their narratives and songs and utilized both pragmatism and whimsy while coming up with all sorts of solutions for outport living in a locale built up over centuries of lives led at the edge of the Atlantic. There are no mysteries here, whether you’ve come to learn about the island’s subarctic terrain, foodways, furniture manufacturing, music, or traditional building.

    Prepare to learn more about the history, culture, and scenic beauty of a region you never thought existed. To fully enjoy this distinct adventure, make sure to bring a lady companion with you whose presence can make your travel a whole lot better. Fogo Island trips will surely be better with her at your side. She’s a sophisticated and intelligent woman yet grounded, sweet and kind with a very pleasant disposition and appearance.

    Chã das Caldeiras town is unique in the world! It is the highest settlement in Cape Verde and the only region that produces a considerable quantity of high-quality wine. It is located in the black crater of the volcano Pico do Fogo which you and your lovely companion can visit.

    Even just wandering around and spotting the unique round cottages in Chã das Caldeiras is a memorable experience. You and your date must visit the cooperative and taste the wine before leaving this odd location. Indeed, Chã des Caldeiras is one of the few sites producing high-quality wine, a tradition that dates back more than a century!

    It is exclusively distributed to the other Cape Verdean islands and not globally. Chã wines are full-bodied and deep in color. White, red, and rosé wines are produced by the Associaçao. And when you visit, try the vinho passion, a sweet, Moscatel-style wine. No insecticides or pesticides are used in the production of the wine from Chã and irrigation is only done using rainfall.

    It may surprise you that grapes, apples, cactus fruit, and other plants flourish in this barren, black area. However, both the cold and humid nights and the hot and dry days are ideal for viticulture. The volcanic soils are especially fertile. It’s a must-see and a highlight of every trip to Fogo. When driving from Sao Felipe, the wine cellars are on your left after crossing the Pico do Fogo.

    Fogo Island Inn is located on an island, off an island, near one of the Earth’s four corners. Each of its 29 one-of-a-kind guest rooms and suites features magnificent floor-to-ceiling windows that open onto the world’s wildest and most powerful ocean.

    The award-winning Inn is a fascinating respite from the monotony of daily life, founded on the ideals of conservation and respect for the environment and culture. The Inn is a community asset, and 100% of operational surpluses are reinvested in the community to help ensure a resilient and sustainable future for Fogo Island, Newfoundland.


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    With Fogo Island’s location, it’s no wonder that seafood is on top of the list when it comes to the island’s gastronomy. Fresh seafood like lobster, fish, crabs and many more are caught and served fresh daily. When it comes to restaurants, there’s not much to see around.

    Depending on your mood and preferred types of dishes, there are small establishments that offer local delicacies. A well-known restaurant has its cuisine reflected in local foodways, which is an important part of the fabric of its place.

    Berries from barrens and bogs are used in its meals, as well as edible plants from the island’s shorelines and forests, and vegetables and rhubarb from the garden or overwintered in grass-topped root cellars. You and your lovely date will also eat North Atlantic seafood caught in nearby seas cooled by the Labrador Current.

    The restaurant’s menus change with the seasons. It usually employs time as an ingredient, as a hardscrabble location, through bottling, pickling, and fermenting procedures. It combines contemporary tastes with well-ingrained culinary traditions. In addition to tantalizing your taste buds, the cuisine is nutrient-dense and healthy.

    Every meal conveys a tale about the island, about the farmers, fishermen, hunters, and foragers who share their abundance with the restaurant. It seeks to source 80 percent of its foods from Fogo Island and the surrounding region, and it follows regenerative techniques and a zero-waste purpose.

    The restaurant also promotes local businesses and suppliers as a Shore fast social business. The restaurant is proud of its culture and environment and spends operational profits from its enterprises towards community development. You and your lovely date are helping the community’s economic, social, and cultural health by dining.

    During your stay, experience amazing cuisines served in a unique expression of the Island. Find out more about it here: