Discover Gorgeous Fregate Island, Seychelles


    December 8, 2022


    Fregate Island, approximately 20 minutes by helicopter from Mahé, the main island of Seychelles, provides not only exquisite luxury but also incomparable nature experiences. Pirates were among the earliest residents in the 17th century, utilizing islands like Fregate as a base for raids against the British East India Company.

    Seychelles was declared a French colony in the 18th century and passed through various hands until attaining independence in 1976. All around the island are seven natural beaches with a magnificent stretch of powdered white sand. There is even one beach that can be completely privatized by turning a sign, ensuring that no other island guests bother you while you sunbathe.


    Discover gorgeous Fregate island in Seychelles with your beautiful model travel companion


    When you arrive at one of the beaches, there is always a cooler box full of cold beverages, towels set out on loungers, and a freshwater shower, and you may phone your private assistant for anything else you want. This is true natural beauty combined with delicate light elegance.

    Large granite cliffs illustrate the distinctive beauty of Seychelles beaches with their towering granite cliffs. There is a butler service and an array of opportunities to explore the island and the water that will leave you.

    On the island, there are roughly 2,000 free-roaming giant tortoises, one of which you may adopt. The island is home to over a hundred bird species, including the critically endangered Seychelles magpie. A beautiful private island that also serves as an example of environmental responsibility and long-term maintenance.

    The resort has been able to secure and even increase the predominance of rare animal and plant species through various animal preservation measures. Seychelles has attracted people from all continents and is now known for its multiculturalism and cordial welcome to visitors from all over the world.

    Fregate Island is a one-of-a-kind place where visitors can enjoy the finest of what Seychelles has to offer. The name conjures up images of long-lost treasure vaults, but now we reveal a conservation refuge that is unlike any other on the earth.


    Fregate Island with a Date

    There are many activities to do which will keep you entertained during your visit to Fregate Island. This place gives any type of traveler the freedom to take advantage of all the bells and whistles of being on a private island. Your Fregate island journey is an experience to witness, and taking along a beautiful bikini model date will make your trip more interesting and memorable.

    Your luxury travel companion should not be just any woman for this stunning destination, but someone who is uniquely gorgeous and intelligent, capable of handling herself with warmth and elegance. She should be an engaging, funny and sweet person, with a great personality that makes her irresistible. Having someone like her by your side will surely make your vacation magical.

    You and your lovely travel companion may first spend your time swimming among coral reefs teeming with marine life such as fantail rays, moray eels, butterfly fish, and more. While you’re at it, don’t forget to swim with a few friendly whale sharks.

    For adventure seekers and water sports enthusiasts, the island also provides kayaking, sailing, catamaran, and windsurfing. There are also a few mechanized water activities, such as banana boat tubing and water-skiing trips that provide adventure seekers with the adrenaline they want. So, there is no chance of becoming bored on a private island that provides its visitors with a plethora of water sports alternatives all year.

    There is no better way to say goodbye to the sun than to go on one of the island’s sunset cruises. Board a private yacht with your beautiful date and enjoy the breathtaking sunset of Fregate Island while sipping champagne and having meaningful conversations.

    This is also an ideal location for a romantic date where you can set up a simple dinner and spend time with your date while being showcased a full view of the retreating sun on the horizon. If a heavy meal is too much while cruising the Indian Ocean, you and your date may opt for a light snack and a glass of great wine.

    Fregate Island Private is a private haven 35 miles off the coast of Mahe, Seychelles. Among calm luxury, guests will discover the deserted idyll of their fantasies. Fregate Island Private has 17 luxury villas set on cliffs overlooking the sea and naturally separated from one another. Interior design is basic and beautiful, representing a colonial architectural tradition.

    The master bedroom, dining room, and living area all enjoy breathtaking views. An infinity pool and jacuzzi appear to seep into the vivid blue of the Indian Ocean beyond. Book you and your lovely date’s stay here at Fregate Island Private, a one-of-a-kind place where visitors can experience Seychelles luxury at its finest, with an exclusive 5-star experience and a crew genuinely devoted to nature’s conservation.

    The preservation and appreciation of its unique flora and wildlife have always been and will continue to be a crucial raison d’être for the organization for many years to come. The exquisite Seychelles Island is covered in a lush forest, surrounded by coral reefs, and home to some of the world’s most endangered flora, reptiles, insects, and birds.

    Fregate Island Private is the most gorgeous tropical paradise, with pristine natural surroundings and amazing animals.


    elite travel companion previewFregate Island Luxury Dining

    On Fregate Island, it’s all about having unique island dining experiences almost everywhere and at any time. It’s all part of having unlimited freedom and immersing oneself in nature in an exclusive and private way.

    Have private picnics at one of the seven fairytale beaches or have a romantic candle-light beach barbecues, or dine-and-wine in their restaurant, it’s all yours to choose.

    Fresh from the garden to the table, the food is complemented with inventive, bespoke dishes. Fregate Island’s tastes are pure creativity from the chefs, who have created a flawless menu to meet all of your wants. The secret to keeping their customers spoilt is to offer tasting meals or chef favorites on a regular basis.

    Address your gastronomic preferences to your personal assistant, and they will ensure that you and your date go on the most delectable culinary experiences. More than 80% of the fresh components are organic farm items.

    The little island is rich and abundant, and it is home to one of Seychelles’ largest hydroponic systems, which can produce whatever the chefs wish to make the most colorful and flavorful dishes for its guests.

    For a social evening, dine in Fregate’s main restaurant, which is set in the open Fregate House and has plantation-style decor and casual elegance. A magnificent à la carte restaurant is available where you may dine while watching the lovely backdrop of the crystal blue water and the islands of Praslin and La Digue on the horizon.

    It was the previous plantation owner’s home before the island became the unique paradise it is today; it became the ideal site for the weekly ‘Creole Night.’ Where everyone gathers to eat classic Creole cuisine while listening to traditional Creole music.

    For more about the experiences and dining in this exclusive island, view their website here: