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    January 10, 2023


    Megève lies in the famed Alps area, more specifically in Haute-Savoie. Haute-Savoie is a French region noted for its highlands, lakes, and various ski resorts including Chamonix, Morzine, and La Clusaz. The ski resort in Megève is situated at the intersections of the pre-Alpine massifs of the Giffre to the north, the Aravis chain to the west, and the Alpine massif of Beaufortain to the southeast, making it an ideal destination for skiing and hiking enthusiasts who want to quickly immerse themselves in the surrounding mountainous landscape.

    This fashionable ski resort town is situated at an elevation of 1113 meters (3650 ft). Because of its elevation, the resort has a wonderful view of Mont Blanc, while Megève’s ski slopes provide breathtaking vistas of the neighboring mountain ranges.

    Megève is a little metropolitan town at a high altitude with just over 3,000 residents; although this appears to be a small population, it grows substantially during the peak tourist season. In summary, once you step foot in this mountain town and wander through its streets and alleyways, you’ll understand why it’s so renowned.


    Discover fashionable Megeve ski resort with your luxury travel companion and vacation escort


    Megève has been overlooked by history for ages. The contemporary history of Megève did not begin until the 1920s. Salary increases and the implementation of labor rules in postwar France gave rise to a new concept: vacation travel. And the wealthiest did not desire to be left behind in this new century.

    This is why the illustrious Rothschild family chose to disrupt Megève’s idyllic peasant existence. The family’s ambition was to construct a French ski resort to compete with the nearby Swiss resort of Saint-Moritz. Their ambition was to build a winter sports destination that embodied the French art of living with fancy hotels, gourmet restaurants, and art museums.

    The resort grew quickly, and the first gondola was erected in 1933. It was France’s first gondola designed only to transport people to the top of the mountains so they could slide down it. Since then, visitors from all over the world have flocked to this almost century-old stylish resort in Megève.


    Megève with a Date

    The lovely Megève has numerous advantages for a romantic holiday. Perfect white alpine meadows, deep green mountains, azure skies, and pink sunsets – all great environment for activities. If you are sporty, adventurous, serene, or a thrill seeker, this place is a perfect getaway for you.

    Underneath the white snowflakes of winter or the scorching summer heat, Megève offers romantic and unique vacations to appreciate the mountains passionately. Make the experience complete with a charming, attentive date of alluring beauty and elegance. Someone you can share interests and lovely moments with. She should be active, intelligent, kind and caring, so your entire trip from start to finish is magical.

    Both of you can enjoy all the activities the beautiful place has to offer and your trip to Megève will never be the same. The Golf du Mont d’Arbois has become a major brand in mountain golfing, providing a high-quality course in a scenic position, spread over 50 hectares and only a five-minute drive from a well-known luxury hotel.

    The Domaine du Mont d’Arbois 18-hole golf course, located above the hamlet of Megève at an average elevation of 1,320 meters, is presently the oldest mountain golf course. Noémie de Rothschild initiated the Domaine du Mont d’Arbois as a family vacation location in the 1920s, and it was later rebuilt by Henry Cotton, a pro golfer.

    The golf course, which is kept in the style of a French garden, provides an amazing vista from Mont Joly to the Aravis range. The mild slope of this par 72’s regular drop lets the player experience an intense swing while being encircled by a one-of-a-kind landscape.

    The Mont d’Arbois golf course has naturally gorgeous scenery and integrates effortlessly into the mountainous environment, owing to the untouched flora and wildlife and the eco-friendly approach to environmental management.

    Fly above Europe’s roof with your companion, touching the woods and the vertiginous heights with your fingertips. Set off to conquer the skies in Megève in a hot air balloon, a paraglider, an aircraft, or a helicopter! Fly away to amazing experiences surrounded by majestic and varied vistas due to the various airborne opportunities provided by the municipality of Megève.

    Enjoy and revitalize in Megève, especially when the relaxation gathering is held at the Palace’s balneotherapy facility. Located in the heart of the hamlet of Megève, the Palais balneotherapy facility is an outdoor and indoor bathing area suitable for revitalizing the body and soothing the mind. Plunge into the water at 34°C, surrounded by a panoramic vision of the village’s most attractive peaks, perfect for an ideal setting with your date, coupled with the captivating heat of the spa that leads to intense relaxation.

    For the most opulent retreat during your stay at Megève, book a place at the big 5-star Luxury Chalet Hotel near the ski lifts, just several meters from the Place du Village. The hotel provides 15 individualized and highly cocooning rooms and suites.

    A pleasant and intimate ambiance is created by the mountain spirit, aged wood, and warm, harmonized textiles. Be one of the fortunate few to enjoy these wonderful surroundings suitable for an escape vacation. With a staff to ensure you have the greatest stay possible, the concierge service will also direct you to the most attractive locations in the resort.


    elite travel companion previewMegève Fine Dining Options

    Dining in the French Alps is as essential as skiing or playing golf on the top course. While Megève is a small town, this jet-set winter resort has a superb selection of eateries.

    Whether you want the greatest fondue in town, a three-Michelin-starred gourmet fine dining, or to dine al fresco whilst facing a panoramic mountain panorama, look no further.

    Perfect for dining with a viewpoint, this hotel restaurant allows you and your date to sit under the arched oak canopy or have lunch al fresco while admiring the breathtaking mountain vistas.

    The world’s most distinguished Michelin-starred female chef, the executive chef, reinvents a culinary experience using Savoyard vegetables and her characteristic unique and unexpected taste combinations.

    The Alpine Lamb marinated with Agastache, lemon balm, elixir, red peppers, and seaweed is one of the menu’s trademark dishes, as is the White Millefeuille with leatherwood honey, eucalyptus jelly, and cassis.

    The best venue to get a Michelin-starred meal is also found in this place. This three-star Michelin restaurant is a one-of-a-kind venue for a romantic evening, a fun lunch with a woman, or a spectacular dinner.

    The original mountain way of life has been honed and exalted by this exquisite eatery. The executive chef prepares cuisine that is both delicate and inventive.

    The amazing natural environment, the distinct ambiance, the spirit of the food, the Chef’s innovation, and the high level of service all contribute to this eating establishment’s distinction.

    Megève’s culinary pursuits can be defined as excellent and always innovating. You can have the best and most luxurious food even when you’re at the Alps. Find out more about their exquisite cuisine through Michelin’s guide here: