Discover Exclusive Necker Island


    December 16, 2022


    Necker Island is one of the world’s most famous and exclusive getaways. This sequestered 74-acre oasis in the British Virgin Islands is primarily the realization of your tropical island vision and is the ideal Caribbean getaway.

    Necker Island is located in the British Virgin Islands‘ North Sound area. It is one of the isles bordering Virgin Gorda and Tortola. It is located just offshore of Virgin Gorda’s northern coast and is just a half-hour boat journey from Tortola.

    After recovering from Hurricane Irma in 2017, the Richard Branson island resumed its operations in early 2021. This process also included extensive renovations to the resort destination, such as expanded accommodation options and sustainability upgrades. Necker Island is fueled by renewable energy to the tune of 90%.


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    Your arrival to Necker Island will be greeted by pristine seas surrounded by magnificent coral reefs and white sand beaches with palm trees. It’s the ideal paradise for the wealthy and powerful to explore the land and water, with incredible experiences, a plethora of activities, and iconic events, as well as a deep commitment to conservation.

    Land lovers can enjoy everywhere from yoga to tennis, while water lovers can take lessons to kitesurf or compete in a sailing race all around the island. And as the sun goes set, the party begins. Necker Island is one of the Caribbean’s most distinct and exclusive vacation destinations.

    The fact that most tourists book the entire island when they stay at Necker distinguishes it from several other private island resorts in the tropical regions.


    Necker Island with a Date

    Necker Island is a fantastically compact island that never feels crowded. From quiet, hidden-away seaside leisure to high-adrenaline and fun exploration, it provides its visitors with a full, traditional assortment of Caribbean delights.

    Hike the trails, paddleboard the waters, loosen up in the hands of spa practitioners, make some friends with the natural fauna, or discover the picturesque beaches. As a result, it is an ideal location for a romantic date where you can enjoy anything from land to sea activities. You will also get access to all of the island’s facilities, including sports facilities, swimming pools, hot tubs, and water sports gear, a specialized support team as well as island-wide wireless Internet.

    Your Necker Island trip also includes a night of disco DJ entertainment. To fully enjoy Necker Island’s bounty of excursions, travel with an elite travel companion that shares the same interests as you. She should be a naturally beautiful lady who is sophisticated, charming and intelligent, making your Necker island visit unforgettable.

    There are endless opportunities for water activities on Necker Island for you and your lovely companion to try on. Kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and water skiing are among the watersports available here, as are stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and sailing. The coral reefs that wrap around Necker Island provide excellent snorkeling opportunities, with masks, fins, and snorkels accessible at Main and Turtle beaches. There are also plenty of scuba-diving options, including reef and shipwreck dives, as well as midnight diving and plain old-fashioned island bar-hopping.

    On land, you and your date can practice your serve-and-volley or baseline game on the two indoor sports tennis courts, with the help of Necker’s resident tennis pro if needed. Take advantage of individual yoga instruction or do your own thing right on the beach. On Necker Island, enjoy prime Caribbean hiking by walking the three-mile circuit along quiet, away-from-it-all coasts or ascending the inner ridge.

    You can also work out together in the gym with views of the sea, and enjoy spa treatments that use Aromatherapy Associates skincare products, which are exclusive to Necker. Hiking in Necker Island’s incredible wildlife sanctuary is also a great way to explore its rich wildlife. It includes over 60 lemurs, and also has over 200 flamingos, which provide a stunning spectacle on the island’s beachfront salt pond. Scarlet and white ibises compete for attention with flamingos. Several Aldabra giant tortoises and rock iguanas plod around.

    The Balinese-inspired lodgings on Necker Island set a remarkable level for tropical luxury built to perfectly accommodate your needs. Its natural scenery includes vista-rich hilltops and daring headlands, as well as an encircling necklace of coral reefs. From beachfront dining and water activities to spa bliss-outs and swim-up bars, its amenities and activities tick every box. They are available in four large Balinese-style complexes for you and your date to choose from: The Great House, two clusters of Bali Houses, and the Temple House.

    The Great House, perched on the island’s highest point, is also the ultimate expression of its accommodations. This Balinese-style building dazzles guests with panoramic ocean views of both the Caribbean and the Atlantic. Bali Lo proper, a two-story Balinese-style mansion with excellent ocean views, is part of the Bali Lo Complex. The three-tiered Bali Hi mansion anchors the Bali Hi Complex.

    With its heavenly ocean views, it’s difficult to leave the bed at Bali Hi, but you’ll be compensated for doing so thanks to the plunge pool, balcony, and other private delights. The complex also comprises Bali Cliff, located in stunning elegance right on the island margin, and Bali Beach with its unequaled flamingo views. Temple House welcomes tourists to the interior of Necker Island.

    The Temple Master Suite, with its wraparound terrace, is part of this magnificent complex.


    elite travel companion previewNecker Island Fine Dining

    Your and your lovely date’s stay on Necker Island includes all meals and beverages. Meals can be planned to accommodate any culinary requests or dietary requirements.

    You can also end up leaving some or all menu planning to the kitchen staff’s discretion and enjoy everyday surprises on your plate. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as cocktail hour and snacks, are all included.

    Your appetite will be well satisfied here. The island’s eating takes place in a variety of settings, including the large dining room and the Great House’s rooftop bar, which is ideal for sunset feasts.

    The Beach Pavilion residences an indoor dining room next to the tennis courts. There’s also the alternative here for sand-between-your-toes surfside dining spreads, lighted by torches and string lights.

    Innately, there are numerous paradise-worthy nooks where you and your beautiful companion can sip a high-end cocktail or other refreshing libation.

    Between Necker Island’s signature, dining experiences is the floating sushi bar, a scrumptious laden, ice-packed kayak serving lounges in the main pool.

    You can find out more information regarding Necker Island’s food and dining options here:

    Spending time on this island and enjoying fine food, fine weather, fine views and fine company, will ensure any stress you have fades away quickly, and and minor health issues you may be experiencing start to rebalance.

    Do yourself this favor, this self-care. Bring an elite travel companion with you, beautiful inside and out, and escape from the bustle of society, to the tranquil beauty of Necker Island.