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    July 16, 2022


    Exploring Boston

    People travel to Boston for various reasons. Some are food addicts trying to explore and discover new samples from the city’s food, some for history, and others for culture. Then there is a unique type of travelers showing up to embrace the city’s walkability feature. In any case, how walkable is this city? Named as a “walking city”, Boston is without a doubt where pedestrians are highly regarded. Travelers showing up here should be prepared to respect the way of life and act more like local people. All things considered, it is a little city whose length can be explored effectively by foot.

    Boston is an amazing city to navigate by walking, and that is the reason the American walking community becomes hopelessly enamored with it. It doesn’t take much for travelers to acknowledge the convenience and comfort this city can be. Boston’s easy and comfortable walkability trait doesn’t have anything to do with the lack of enough vehicle. It is all clever engineering and design.

    Boston has a rich and diverse social life, and the adoration for music draws in numerous Bostonians consistently. The Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO), established in 1881, is one of the premier ensembles in all the world. The BSO performs at Symphony Hall throughout the winter season and at the Tanglewood Music Festival, in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts, in months of July and August. The famous and ever talented conductor Arthur Fiedler made the BSO’s Boston Pops series a local music foundation, and each spring Bostonians swarm around bistro-style tables in Symphony Hall to experience musical performances.

    In the summer the Pops performs at the Hatch Shell along the Charles River in an outdoor setting. An eagerly awaited yearly occasion is the symphony’s Fourth of July show, which comes full circle with Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. Noted Boston music schools include the New England Conservatory of Music started in 1867 and the Berklee College of Music which was opened in 1945.

    Boston’s standing as a strong cultural center is largely built on the notable museums present within the city. The Museum of Fine Arts which was opened 1876, a significant world institution, showcases Egyptian, East Asian, and Classical collections as well as other significant number of classic and modern paintings, textiles, prints and art decorations. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum which started in 1903 in the Fenway has an eminent stock of Italian Renaissance works of art and stays a significant monument. Harvard University keeps an outstanding fine arts museum together with a few other museums dedicated to science and natural history. The Museum of Science was opened in 1949 at Science Park, close to the Charles River, and the Children’s Museum at Museum Wharf are focused on the guidance and instruction of the youth.


    Explore Boston City


    Traveling with a Date

    Any activity that includes food is without a doubt a great way to spend time with, particularly when you are on a date with a gorgeous and adventurous and yet caring woman. Boston is a wonderful city to uncover when you an enjoined with an attractive and sensible date that’s open to do new and exciting things with you. You could enlist onto some fun excursions such as the Bites of Boston Food Tours for an invigorating stroll around one of Boston’s most intriguing neighborhoods where you’ll find out about its rich history and culture while getting a charge out of mouthwatering tastings en route.

    Adventure across Boston Harbor for a vivid experience with the ICA Watershed. The Institute for Contemporary Art’s satellite display is situated in a colossal, recently censured modern structure in East Boston’s Jeffries Point area. The 15,000-square-foot space includes a regular rotation of large-scale exhibits including its impending display from Firelei Báez, where the artist will change the space into that of ancient ruins. If you are into museum-hopping, you will be enthralled by the many art installations and displays from different and notable museums that made Boston their home. Your sweet and lovely date is not all about glamour but can also share a sound and catchy conversations about art and music as well. You both will have the best time looking into museums and art of different genres in this city. To balance your date, we propose exploring all the galleries they have before heading out to the nearby Downeast for a refreshing drink, getting a braised lamb pie from KO and afterward sitting by the shipyard for the most a spectacular view of the Boston horizon.

    Maybe it’s a Boston thing, yet many of the locals believe that there are some secret places more romantic than Fenway Park. So, if you’ve already had a ticket, just nix the standard pre-game lager and sports bar scene, and head to one of the area’s sleeker spots like Eventide or Audubon. When you are arguably with someone that is an especially exceptional date and you have money to spend, you can lease Fool’s Errand — that is Tiffani Faison’s 400-square-foot private diner — and have everything to yourself. Spend the night away creating genuine connection and lasting moments with your gorgeous and clever date that is sure to also spoil you with her time and exceptional companionship. Then you can spring joyfully off to Fenway Park, where you can cheer your heart out on the Sox and enjoy the energy buzzing from everyone on the bleachers.


    elite travel companion previewDinner in Boston

    For some unknown reason, the Michelin Guide’s three-star rating has been consistently skirting the fair city of Boston since the regarded cycle began in 1931. And although there may not be a Michelin star awarded restaurant in the area, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the food scene in Boston. In fact, you’d be quite surprised by the busy and vibrant epicurean scene in this city.

    There are quite a number of fine dining places to go for a spectacular dinner experience in Boston and can readily lead you onto different spots depending on your cravings. If you and your date want to have a taste of refreshing Japanese cuisine, Tim Cushman, a James Beard awarded chef, can prepare you a grand and mouthwatering omakase.

    French cuisine is one of the best and famous dinner cravings in all the world because of their fine cuisines and expert culinary service. You can head down to Boston Common where you can see a restaurant that’s sure to be one of the best fine dining establishments in Boston. Aside from their amazing selection of French inspired dishes, they also have the city’s most decorated wine service. Dining there would be a momentous event for both you and your impressive travel companion.

    When you want to spend your dinner in a romantic mood that will be relished by both you and your stunning date, Boston has enough up its sleeves to create the most memorable dining experience. There is a restaurant that has an almost outdoor dining scene because of its greenhouse that gives off a lavish forest and nature feels in the summer and acts as a jewel box gleaming in the winter months. The dishes they serve are categorized in hot or cold dishes and are all marvelous.

    Boston’s food scene is diverse and always changing, with new pop-ups now and then as well as new recipes and fusion dishes being added each day.