Detox On Exclusive Little Palm Island


    November 21, 2022


    Set on a private island accessed only by seaplane or boat, this luxe resort is 5 miles from the National Key Deer Refuge and 29 miles from Key West International Airport. It can be an uphill task to get rid of stress from everything. There are multiple obligations and plenty of devices that are available throughout the day, even when you are away taking a vacation.

    If you’re overwhelmed and looking for a luxury getaway in which you can completely unwind, take a look at Little Palm Island Resort & Spa. There are no phones, televisions, or guests who are younger than 16 in this exclusive island resort situated within the Florida Keys.The only issues are the numerous relaxing naps or outdoor activities that you can fit into your daily routine.


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    Little Palm Island is a 5.5-acre property surrounded by breathtaking blue seas and lush tropical vegetation located in the Lower Florida Keys. The resort has a long track record of providing meals to former presidents such as Harry Truman and dozens of famous people. It has been a popular destination to the elite that were seeking the ultimate relaxation and luxury, romance and the experience of a private island.


    Little Palm Island with a Date

    As your feet begin to meet the sand on Little Palm Island, consider that you’ve been shipwrecked on the beach. This exclusive resort located in the Florida Keys is the ideal getaway for couples who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily living. The use of cell phones is not permitted in public areas, and you’ll never miss it.

    The most thrilling activities are deep-sea fishing, sailing and diving. You can also enjoy the ultimate picnic while the seaplane takes you to the private island complete with an assortment of food items. Your trip down Little Palm Island is bliss in itself but with someone that can share your experience is a whole new level, someone that can make your stay more exciting and that will add spice to your life.

    Visit Little Palm Island with a stunning bikini model travel date who will certainly make your stay unforgettable. Someone willing to go on adventures with you and hold your attention via her ever-present charm and elegance. Moreover, she will take care of you and make each moment meaningful with her genuine personality and warmth.

    Sailing offers breathtaking day sails that take you to crystal clear turquoise waters and the resort’s concierge can organize unforgettable night sails, with your preferred wine. The most memorable sunsets sailing on the water are difficult to explain but breathtaking to behold. They can organize the perfect trip for you, with a complimentary bottle of wine, champagne, or beer. To make it extra special, allow the resort’s high-class chef to bring an assortment of charcuterie or some other small snacks for you and your companion to enjoy.

    Take a tandem skydive two miles above the amazing Florida Keys. As you ascend to the top, you’ll see a breathtaking panorama from Key West, the Atlantic Ocean and the Florida reefs The Gulf, and the whole of Florida Keys. After launching from the plane, you’ll feel the excitement of being thrown into the air at speeds of more than 130 mph. When your parachute is opened and you are able to enjoy an average of five to seven minutes while taking in the breathtaking view of the islands below and then have a smooth, precise landing.

    Get to experience the family of dolphins and sea lions on the Dolphin Research Center, a non-profit research and educational center that allows guests to swim with dolphins, watch daily demonstrations of dolphins’ athletics that are high-flying and learn about dolphin education. The center shares fun facts about dolphin research, the latest behavior training techniques, medical practices, and much more.

    Enjoy the fascinating natural history and visit The Great White Heron Wildlife Refuge which is the second largest migration route of wildlife across the U.S. With more than 250 species that migrate through each year There is a vast array of species of birds and wildlife to see like Bald Eagles, Osprey, Roseate Spoonbills Herons, Egrets, along with Dolphin and Sea Turtles. Bring your binoculars out of your bedroom and set out for an amazing experience of the natural world at its best.

    Little Palm Island is encompassed by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and is the third most extensive barrier reef. Looe Key Reef, which is regularly considered to be one of the top places to snorkel or diver throughout the U.S., is located just a few minutes boat ride away from Little Palm Island. The professional, friendly crew aboard the amazing diving and snorkel vessel, Island Girl, provides all the amenities, equipment, and refreshments you’ll need.

    Scuba diving at Looe Key Reef affords you the chance to glide in the water weightlessly amid the vibrant creatures that call this stunning Reef their habitat. Due to its relatively shallow depth, this reef makes it ideal for novice divers and experienced divers as well as divers who have been away from the water for a while. They have experienced Scuba instructors who will guide you through every dive to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

    The resort features bungalows with thatched roofs where you can reside, influenced by British West Indies design, and giving a tribute to old-world customs. The thoughtful amenities, like an outdoor and indoor spa, provide an exotic ambiance that evokes the ambiance of a Balinese getaway.


    elite travel companion previewLittle Palm Island Luxury Private Dining

    Gourmet cuisine of the highest quality is served in their restaurant located on the premises, and is surrounded by the nature-inspired beauty that is the natural island. This resort invites you away from the mundane to take pleasure in the extraordinary comfort at the lovely Little Palm Island.

    The breathtaking restaurant with amazing views and top-level eating experiences of their dishes set the stage for an unforgettable experience with your gorgeous model companion.

    With world-renowned chefs who source fresh seafood, fresh produce, and organic ingredients from around the island to make dishes worthy of their little paradise.

    The choice of where to dine is yours, as private indoor and outdoor seating is offered as well as dreamy water-side tables. If you’re looking for a more private dining experience, they state that their award-winning service ‘redefines dining’ in your private room.

    Escape to this luxurious resort set on its own private island, and feel pampered like royalty.

    The stunning ocean views go with the French and traditional Latin “modern tropical” menu, which is changed daily. You can expect dishes such as Yellowtail Ceviche, Coconut Lobster Bisque, and Bobby’s favorite, Pan-Seared Cobia with Cilantro Noodles.

    For a unique and very special getaway experience, Little Palm Island may be just what you’re looking for.

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