Chicago, The Windy City


    July 16, 2022


    Discovering Chicago City And Its History

    Hailed as the “Best Big City in the United States” for five years in a row, it is no doubt that the city of Chicago is nothing like any other. It is home to unique neighbors and they celebrate the many amazing cultures that has called Chicago their new home. Chicago is a city of wonderful neighborhoods, each with its own personality and vibe. Chicago, the “Windy City” as it is frequently called, lies along the shores of Lake Michigan. Known for its lively arts scene, various social attractions, great shopping, and fascinating architecture, this city draws in guests from the US and all over the planet.

    Chicago is well known as a focal point of convergence of twentieth century architecture, design and art with famous architects like Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, and artists like Picasso, Miró, Dubuffet, and Chagall making some meaningful difference in the city’s art scene. The city additionally brings a lot to the table in athletic circle, as well, with the Chicago Bears in American football, the Chicago White Sox and Cubs in baseball, and the Chicago Bulls in the national basketball. Lastly, Chicago boasts of its natural resources such as the wonderful sea shores that stretch along the waterfront, drawing in crowds of people that wants to spend some time in the sun during summertime.

    When you want to spend time looking for your favorite brands, Chicago can help you. They don’t call it the Gold Coast for no good reason. This memorable area, quite possibly Chicago’s most prosperous region, is a well-known shopping destination — especially if you’re into upscale and high-end stuff. This area around Oak Street is the place where you’d find well-known and hard to find brands. You’ll also find the charming street lined with trees, posh boutiques and couture display areas, all just a few steps from the Michigan Avenue.

    Chicago is a wonderful and large city busy and bustling with many activities every single day. The art installations and many forms of expressionism as well as individualism is celebrated within it. Beautiful tall buildings in this metro is full of architectural wonder and the skyline is not absent with amazing night lights. It’s no wonder Chicago is hailed as the best.


    Discover Chicago city, the windy city


    Chicago Trips with a Date

    One of the best things to discover when traveling is to check the place’s art scene. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or you just want to see the culture of any place, art is one of the best ways to see. When you meet with your travel companion, she can be your guide to the art exhibitions around the city. Art can be found wherever you go in Chicago, from exhibitions to museums to public squares and even traffic intersections. Chicago is a living art map with amazing displays ready to be discovered. This is a great way for you to create deeper connection with your date, for she is as interested with the art and expressionism as you are too. Not only will she be interested in the art scene, she will definitely also be interested with you and how you and her can have the best time together.

    When you want to visit some art exhibitions, she can escort you around 60 museums and exhibition halls that made Chicago their home. This includes Adler Planetarium, the primary planetarium in the United States; the Museum of Science and Industry, the most extensive gallery of its sort in the Western Hemisphere; Field Museum, home to Máximo, the biggest dinosaur to at any point wander the planet; and the Art Institute of Chicago, hailed as one of the best museums worldwide by TripAdvisor clients and is home to the biggest collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art besides the Louver in Paris.

    Aside from the grand art scene in Chicago, there are also plenty of places to go to for a romantic date, may it be outside by the beach or indoors at a dinner table such as a music festival, an upscale restaurant with the highest ratings for experience, or even a wonderful beach stroll. You can spend time learning about each other, you and your companion. She is witty and articulate, with deep and real interests in many aspects of life and she’d be willing to create great conversations and have a deep connection with you.


    elite travel companion previewDinner Date in Chicago

    Chicago’s food scene is quite like its art scene: it’s vibrant, buzzing and everywhere. No matter what you like to eat, Chicago can still go the extra mile and serve you the best they can offer and even better dining experience. Chicago boasts of 23 local restaurants that has garnered Michelin stars, some of which are fairly new to the culinary scene and some were already previous star holders. Even with the pandemic happening all over the world, Chicago still managed to be successful in serving both locals and tourists with outstanding culinary experience from their expert chefs.

    Enter into a night of wonderment and increasing entertainment with your beautiful and gentle date when you book a table for two in any of the upscale restaurants that are Michelin star holders. By this, you’re sure to only have an exceptional dining experience and enjoy the night away with great food and genuine conversations that can uplift and fortify your soul. Whether your cravings for the night is all about Korean food or contemporary American dishes, Chicago has everything you need.

    Be enthralled with the many seafood selections and other oceanic delights while being seated at a table overlooking a grand waterfront or bring your companion to explore a chef’s unique menu that lets you travel along with him through his dishes into a multi-faceted Southern cuisine with a twist. Maybe you would like to experience something extraordinary as a Filipino contemporary restaurant that has gained a Michelin star in Chicago. There are so much to do and experience in Chicago’s amazing culinary industry and it’s sure to make you want to come back again and again. You and your gorgeous date will surely leave after dinner feeling satisfied overall from the dining experience that is not only superb but one of a kind.