Bustling Luxury Of Dubai


    November 12, 2022


    While Abu Dhabi is the official capital, Dubai is the most densely inhabited and biggest city in the United Arab Emirates. It is located on the Southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, which is one of seven emirates that comprise the country. Dubai is situated on the northern shores of the emirate and is part of the Dubai-Sharjah Ajman metropolitan region.

    Luxury travel doesn’t come much more luxury than this. Dubai was established as a world-class city and the business capital of the Middle East. It is young enough to be impressed by luxury, so feel free to flash your wealth! It is also an important transportation terminal for cargo and passengers. The Emirate’s Western-style approach to business is the driving force behind its economy, and the majority of its revenue comes from aviation, tourism, real estate, as well as financial services.


    Visit the fascinating, luxury-loving city of Dubai


    Dubai has recently been voted the most desirable destination for Muslim tourists according to Salam Standard. However it is fast becoming the most desirable destination for all nationalities seeking luxury travel experiences. It has been attracting world attention with its many creative large projects in construction and sporting events. Dubai has gained a reputation for its towering skyscrapers and tall buildings, in particular, the tallest structure in the world and the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.

    Dubai is a city with a rich Arabic culture. Although it’s currently popular for its unique combination of deserts, beaches, and lavish man-made marvels, the traditions of the Emirati people have played an important role in its development. Dubai has been declared an absolute monarchy. While tradition and culture are the foundation of the life of Dubai, the UAE country is known as a warm and welcoming destination.

    Emiratis are known for their devotion to their Islamic traditions with the majority of citizens being Muslims. However, the citizens of Dubai are extremely welcoming of their diverse visitors and residents and all faiths are welcomed. In fact Emiratis make up only about 10% of the population! Over 200 nations have made Dubai their home. The population consists of Emiratis, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Filipinos, Sri Lankans as well as some Americans and Europeans to name a few.

    The latest technologies and facilities, tax-free living, extremely low crime and an ideal place in the middle of the main trading continents make Dubai the perfect place to conduct successful business. As long as you can handle the heat. This results in an energizing economy, which is the reason why Dubai is among the top luxury travel destinations around the globe!

    Exquisiteness abounds in this enchanting city-state. While it can be expensive to live at the luxury level, once you’re settled, it’s difficult to not make money in Dubai. There’s a rich Arabic culture that is the basis of life in the city. Everyone is welcomed, and encouraged to explore and appreciate Dubai (and their lives) to the maximum, within safe and tasteful reason.


    Dubai with a Date

    The city has expanded across both banks of Dubai Creek and the city is divided into two areas: Deira on the northern side and Bur Dubai on the south along with Jumeirah that extends to the sea. Each of the sides has its fair portion of beautiful mosques, and lots of buildings.

    Dubai city is full of luxury and affordable hotels, huge shopping malls, luxurious and affordable apartment buildings, a myriad of offices, banks, hospitals, schools, villas, and other attractions. Because most of the year is pretty warm to very hot, most people live their lives indoors with air conditioning, going from home to car, car to mall, mall to car, care to home. So the interesting buildings are a focus.

    From the serene beauty of the desert to the bustling crowds of the souk, Dubai is not just home to some of the best modern attractions such as its stunning skyscrapers, but has also preserved some of the fascinating historical sites of the world. Visiting this fantastic city will surely be more meaningful when you go are with a gorgeous travel date that ideally knows the ins and outs of the city.

    Arrange to meet a beautiful, charming date with a pleasing personality. Coupled with her knowledge and a successful lifestyle of elegant sophistication, you’ll be impressed. Discover Dubai together and find out for yourself what a treasure this woman is, just like Dubai in all its splendor.

    There are numerous options to take advantage of Dubai and there are some things that can extend you and your lovely companion’s experience to a new level. Total luxury and excess are the features of young Dubai. You might think that the private Mercedes G-Wagon desert safari inside the private property of the Royal Family member would be enough for everyone, but there are different options for each guest, depending on their idea of luxury travel experience.

    You could try helicopter transfers for the 45-minute drive to/from the desert. Find out for yourself the Steinway Grand Pianos that include an Opera Singer in the middle of a dune in the evening and the possibility of a Classical orchestra in the lake in the oasis and a selection of super-cars to ride back to the desert. If a desert tour isn’t on your agenda, you can try cruises around the Palm Jumeriah island and Dubai coast.

    The adventures and thrills you can enjoy in Dubai have no limit. Try exploring the Dubai Sea with a cruise on the 118-foot Moonlight superyacht. It has reception areas, dining areas, and ample cabins. The traffic can be boring and can be an unnecessary distraction when you are traveling. Take your travels to a whole new dimension, in a literal sense. There are helicopter rides that can take tourists through the city. It is possible to enjoy the city view and admire the incredible architecture and heritage sites from the comfort of your seat in the skies.

    Feel like Arab royalty when you’re staying at the only 7-star hotel in the world, which is the Burj Al Arab Hotel. Set on its purpose-made isle in the middle of the ocean, the Burj Al Arab offers stunning and modern suites. Each of the Burj Al Arab rooms comes with ceiling-to-ceiling windows and is fitted with the most advanced technology. A very popular luxury travel destination.

    Walk on gold stairs and experience out of this world lavishness that only Middle-Eastern hospitality can provide. They don’t call it ‘Arab money’ for nothing! No expense is spared for much of the luxury experiences in Dubai – if you can afford them. For those who love to snuggle into unrivaled cozy luxury, and don’t care about the price tag, Dubai is for you.

    The restaurant options at the Burj Al Arab hotel’s nine-Michelin-starred chefs, as well as its excellent dedicated staff, will ensure that you are treated to a delicious dining experience. If you’re looking for a thrilling experience, take a sip of a cocktail or enjoy your coffee in Sky View Bar.

    Sky View Bar is elevated 200 meters above sea level. It is also possible to enjoy the hotel’s private beach. A stunning world-class spa is also available to relax in. The hotel also has Bureau Veritas Safeguard Certification so guests are guaranteed the best hygiene standards.

    If you’re not big on flashing around, a luxury alternative to the Burj is the wonderful Raffles hotel on the Palm, with its own peaceful, private beach and royal standards of exquisite decor. World class in every way. Also the lovely Kempinsky hotel next door, with similar standards. Flawless staff and guest care are the cherry on top of these wonderful locations.


    elite travel companion previewDubai’s Fine Dining

    With Dubai’s Arabic Heritage and a flock of international tourists, the city certainly boasts a lot of restaurants and food points for both locals and guests to enjoy.While there are literally thousands of restaurants offering home delivery, due to the weather, dining out is an experience in Winter.

    Being a luxurious city, Dubai has restaurants that also scream luxury and serve over-the-top, exquisite food. Try some of these restaurants to elevate your gastronomy experience while in Dubai.

    To experience a truly unique visual experience to go with your food, reserve an appointment at this renowned underwater restaurant in the suitably called Atlantis, The Palm hotel.

    The restaurant isn’t actually underwater, but it feels that way when you and your date walk down the elegantly illuminated staircase to a room that has a wall which is an aquarium made of glass full of large fish!

    In addition, the restaurant showcases the typical Dubai elegance, with sparkling chandeliers and a glowing bar, and a jazz musician to provide additional ambiance. The menus for diners are in a theatrical setting and menus are not listed which provides a sense of delight and excitement.

    A restaurant that is located on the 27th floor of the famous vessel-shaped Burj Al Arab Hotel has stunning views. The name of the restaurant translates to ‘the top’ or ‘the best’ indicating its awe-inspiring position on the horizon, as well as its culinary expertise.

    The food here is elegantly modern, contemporary, and French-inspired. The luxury decor is ocean-themed, with a scale-like ceiling and a palette that is almost exclusively the hues of green and blue. The menus feature an abundance of seafood, including exquisite dishes like oysters and beluga caviar, and hand-dived scallops with a glass of champagne for you and your companion to enjoy.

    There is a level of basic living standards in Dubai for the visiting working class population from developing countries, however there is also a basic level of provisions for these people, making life manageable. However for the luxury travelers, the next level Dubai isn’t a place for mediocrity. Thus this city boasts of plenty of restaurants serving fine dining and elegant culinary experiences. Look over Michelin’s guide for the best dining list: https://guide.michelin.com/en/ae-du/restaurants