Breathtaking North Island, Seychelles


    December 8, 2022


    North Island, located among Seychelles‘ most stunning islands, is a location of exceptional luxury inside an incredible wildlife refuge. It is a luxurious private island. Their 11 luxurious hand-crafted villas lap the pure, powder-white shores of the blue Indian Ocean, providing a secluded and unspoiled tropical escape.

    Located far north on the Indian Ocean, it is a secluded tropical paradise that provides the ultimate luxury vacation and complete seclusion. The island serves as a retreat for high-profile personalities seeking tailored, personalized experiences that stimulate ultimate relaxation and recuperation with a staff that works relentlessly to guarantee that everyone experiences the vacation of their dreams.


    North Island in stunning Seychelles, with your beautiful, elite model travel companion


    North Island has magnificent villas, providing each visitor with an unequaled sense of exclusivity and elegance. Each house has been created and is surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of white dunes, granite peaks, and turquoise seas.

    A North Island villa will be your home away from home while immersed in an unparalleled island experience throughout your stay. Your footsteps will be the sole evidence on the Island’s huge, unspoiled beaches on this property.

    North Island embodies the freedom that total seclusion provides, unique experiences that are completely suited to your tastes, and generously big-hearted service. The wealth of the island naturally extends to the luxury of choice provided by a superior all-inclusive offering. North Island offers a truly barefoot luxury getaway.


    North Island with a Travel Date

    North Island in Seychelles provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind, generous, and intimate experience that combines seclusion, retreat, and discovery. North Island is a haven of quiet beauty and shelter, both for indigenous species whose habitats are being restored and for visitors looking to escape the hustle and bustle of contemporary life.

    Simultaneously, the sense of space, the fresh air and water, and the surrounding natural beauty may easily prove to be a stimulant to exercise body and mind, try something new, develop a talent, or explore the granite peaks or coral reefs.

    Your North Island excursion is a heavenly experience in and of itself. Yet you can elevate your experience when you pair it with a gorgeous date who exudes elegance and beauty, while also tantalizing you with her intelligence. You want a high caliber woman of breeding and class, to spend time with you throughout your North Island holiday.

    North Island’s Dive Centre, located near the Piazza in an ancient coral building, provides comprehensive PADI training and certification. Expert Seychellois dive masters with personal knowledge of the local reefs and the best dive sites, along with cutting-edge SCUBA equipment, provide a fantastic dive experience.

    Your experience will never go wrong under the care of the divers and with a diving facility that has indoor and outdoor changing rooms and showers, exhibits on the natural history of the island’s waters, and a typically friendly North Island greeting from the divemaster and his colleagues.

    Cruise around North Island to discover the secluded coastline from the water, then anchor as the sun begins to set. With a champagne glass in hand, you and your date may admire the serene waves of the Indian Ocean during a magnificent sunset. On the other hand, you’ll discover delectable canapés to whet your appetite for supper when you return.

    If you’re lucky, you could witness dolphins dancing in the boat’s wake or see a ‘flock’ of flying fish flutter as you drive by. All cruises and activities are done on a private basis, with just you, your date, and the certified Skipper and Deckhand to accompany you over the lovely waterways of North Island.

    You might be excused for never wanting to leave your villa on the North Island, yet there is an entire archipelago to discover. Optional full-day excursions on board one of the fully-equipped guest boats allow you to discover more of what Seychelles has to offer, including the culture, food, and landscape of an island nation that has long been influenced by many diverse influences, including European, African, and Creole. Seychellois are understandably proud of their country’s history, artistry, and achievements, and they’ll be pleased to show you around if you stop here.

    Visit Praslin, Seychelles’ second largest island. It has a lengthy history of pirates and spice traders, as well as outstanding natural resources. The Vallée de Mai is an ecologically significant place that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its pure natural woodland was formerly supposed to represent the biblical Garden of Eden.

    Leafy pathways weave through the pristine tropical jungle, providing opportunities to see rare local species like the Seychelles bulbul and black parrot, as well as the semi-legendary coco de mer tree. There is no better place for lunch than the beautiful Anse Lazio beach, with its calm lagoon ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Art galleries, a black pearl breeding facility, and aromatic vanilla gardens are among the other attractions of Praslin.

    North Island has just eleven private guest villas, providing each visitor with an unrivaled sense of exclusivity and elegance. The houses were all built with indigenous materials obtained during the island’s restoration process, blending elegance and simplicity to create a unique architectural style known as barefoot luxury.

    Your villa will become your personal beach house. The colors recall the sea, and the combination of rough and smooth textures, as well as basic and complex forms, combine to create an utterly real, contextual, and opulent refuge. Your vacation on this private island is totally tailored to your preferences.

    North Island’s regulations are your own; your calendar is only as packed as you want it to be, and the dress code reflects your own particular style. The most recent softs and décor makeover offered a revamped color palette and re-emphasized a feeling of place, ensuring that North Island maintains its global leadership in luxury private island hideaways.


    elite travel companion previewNorth Island Private Dining

    North Island provides an unrivaled degree of individuality and generosity to each visitor, especially when it comes to the culinary experience. All menus are created in partnership with a Michelin-starred chef and adapted for each location based on the most recent Island harvest.

    Particular care is given to your favorites, as well as any dietary restrictions. Depending on your mood, the Island’s various dining establishments provide a variety of gastronomic experiences.

    Dine and enjoy a romantic evening in a restaurant that provides courteous candlelit, private dining with the calm sounds of the ocean as a backdrop.

    The fine dining experience revolves around comfort food and variety. Enjoy the varied selections in your well-stocked pantry or the home-style menu, with a local Creole curry or classic food of your choice brought to your door while relaxing in the seclusion of your villa.

    And, if you like, the chef will always review the menu with you and will effortlessly construct your particular requests to provide you with a truly personalized dining experience. The culinary crew will make every effort to treat, surprise, and please you.

    There are few places as idyllic as the Seychelles islands, and for honeymoons and romantic getaways, it’s difficult to find a match quite as picturesque and private as some of these exquisite destinations.

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