Beautiful Marbella


    October 31, 2022


    Marbella is undoubtedly among Costa del Sol’s most popular destinations. Its fine weather and beaches, its natural beauty and major sporting complexes are only a few of the many attractions this town located on the Malaga coast provides. The clear evidence of the top level of infrastructure it has is Puerto Banus, one of the most famous places in Marbella.

    With luxury housing estates, this well-known marina is home to many of the biggest and most extravagant yachts in the world. The marina also has an exclusive leisure area comprised of establishments for business, restaurants as well as shops that sell major international designer brands and luxurious products. Marbella can be, without a doubt, one of the Costa del Sol’s main tourist areas due to the top quality of amenities and services it provides.


    Visit beauiful Marbella


    Puerto Banus, one of the major focal points for tourists visiting Marbella, is home to an exclusive area for leisure within the top facilities of the marina. Marbella is a dream destination for golf enthusiasts. There are a dozen stunning courses that permit golfers to enjoy the game against the unique backdrop of the mountains and the sea.

    The old town is situated on a stunning bay and has beautiful places of a typical Andalusian style with whitewashed buildings and orange trees decorating the squares and streets. A perfect place to sample all the tasty dishes from the local food. From Cabopino, Marbella offers the tourist a stunning 26 km coastline that is dotted with sandy beaches that are drenched in sun.

    The seaside offers all sorts of services such as modern residential complexes, hotels as well as restaurants, shops, and shops. These beaches in San Pedro de Alcantara, one of the major cities in the area, just ten kilometers away from Marbella is a wonderful illustration of the harmony that is found between nature and tourist development.


    Marbella with a Date

    In terms of Mediterranean glamour, Marbella stands out from all of Mediterranean glamour. It is compared to the French Riviera and has all you could want from a luxurious beach getaway. It has Michelin-starred dining establishments, marinas brimming with luxury yachts, golf courses, luxury stores as well as a vast chain of beach resorts.

    A trip through the city is enhanced by an accompanying traveler who is certain to spark your interest, not just in the city but with her too. Her beauty is timeless, elegant in appearance and physique, and has the most authentic personality you’ll enjoy getting to know. She can take you to the most beautiful spots of Marbella, and you can lavish each other with your affection and care.

    She will delight you with her intelligent mind, graceful demeanor and gorgeous appearance. Explore Puerto Banu together, the most exquisite place just a few kilometers to the east of the old Marbella, the most glam area in the entire resort. Go sailing on a luxury yacht. There’s nothing quite as extravagant as relaxing on your private yacht.

    If you’ve always wanted to travel or spend wonderful moments on a boat, Marbella is a great location to charter a private boat. There are plenty of options for catamarans and power boats. Moreover, chartered private yachts offer various luxury amenities and enhancements. Imagine watching the sunset over the water while sipping the perfect cocktail in your glass.

    For a different but also amazing experience, take a look at Marbella from above as it is one of the most exciting activities in the vicinity. Marbella offers exquisite aerial tours. It’s not just that riding in the helicopter a blast and thrilling, but you’ll also be able to see your view of the Costa del Sol from an entirely different angle. The stunning beaches and water look stunning from the sky. Furthermore, this is an exceptional and memorable experience that is exactly the kind of romantic getaway you’d want to have.

    Stay at a beach resort the Andalusian village-style in the 5-star destination on Marbella’s legendary Golden Mile. Found directly on one of the finest beaches on the Costa del Sol, Puente Romano, a leading Hotel offers elegant guest rooms, suites, and private villas set amongst tropical beachside gardens with swimming pools.

    The resort, close to Puerto Banús and just 45 minutes transfer from Malaga international airport, invites guests to embrace the active Mediterranean lifestyle. Guests are immersed in Mediterranean vibrancy with personalized experiences across the resort, from chef masterclasses to unforgettable water sports, together with a curated collection of private destination experiences across Andalucía. A fantasy Vacation you will remember all your life.


    elite travel companion previewMarbella’s Luxury Dining

    Marbella is an intriguing location. It is where you can find some of the most renowned restaurants in Andalucía and possibly in Spain. The city is a magnet for those looking for fun and to enjoy the best food available. What makes a memorable date is food, dining experience and more importantly, where it is. There is no issue when it comes to food in Marbella. It has a variety of options to choose from, and regardless of what you choose you to eat, you can’t go wrong in picking the one you prefer.

    Despite its generally laid-back style and unpretentious dining area, it is nevertheless an excellent place to eat. There is no glitz nor gimmicks but only the finest products and perfection platter after platter. The chefs know how to keep the menu interesting with fresh dishes, even regulars won’t get bored. Reservations are essential since the dining area is small and boasts 2 Michelin stars, it’s extremely popular. The sommelier selects local wines that come from smaller bodegas as well with the more well-known, larger wineries. One of their favorites, Bodegas Bentomiz, is among the wines they’ve selected.

    You can also visit the pavilion-style structure which is a new restaurant that is stylish and fashionable. The rough and dingy seaside shack is replaced with black and white interiors, tempered by natural tones and plant life, making an informal and relaxed dining space. The menu includes two options that offer affordable tapas and light bites in addition to a full menu.

    Both menus feature lots of seafood and fish cooked in traditional recipes, from paellas to espeto. One of their most popular dishes was dry noodle fideua, cooked to perfection. It’s impossible to conclude the dinner without a sip of wine, which is a huge selection that is suited to all palates and dishes. The sangria menu includes five different variations of sangria that you can explore, and certainly makes an interesting conversation piece.

    To know more about the fine dining options in Marbella, you can never go wrong upon checking out the curated list of Michelin here: