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    October 5, 2022


    Antwerp is the province with the most northern part and is the northernmost province in the Flemish Region, also called Flanders, and Belgium. Antwerp is the biggest town in Belgium as well as the capital city. The climate is sub-oceanic humid and wet which is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. The winters are frigid but not freezing and the summers are generally mild or pleasantly warm.

    The name Antwerp refers to Anvers in French or Antwerpen in Dutch and legends say it was due to giants that the name was born. The current Antwerp province was part of the older Deux-Nethes department, created in 1795 in the First French Empire in the northern region of the Duchy of Brabant. In 1815, at the time of the establishment of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the province was incorporated into the United Kingdom of the Netherlands as the Province that is part of Central Brabant, distinguishing it from North Brabant and South Brabant.


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    In 1830, following Belgium’s independence, the province was named Antwerp because of its capital city. Antwerp shares a border with the Netherlands as well as it is bordered by the Belgian provinces Limburg, Flemish Brabant, and East Flanders. It covers 1107 square miles, with 1781,904 people living there and an average density of 621.5 inhabitants per square meter. It is among the most important seaports in the world.

    Antwerp is a vital component of an immense harbor complex, which is among the largest in the world. The beautiful city of Antwerp is often referred to as the Diamond Capital of the world. It is home to 84 percent of the world’s diamonds that are mined and this is the reason why Antwerp is the hub of the global diamond trade. It started between the 18th and 17th centuries that this city, Amsterdam, as well as London, were the leading cities in the trade of diamonds.

    Following WWII, trade began to increase slowly in Antwerp because of the well-organized import and export of diamonds. To ensure the proper export and import of diamonds coming from Antwerp in 1945, the federal government established the Diamond Office in the Antwerp diamond quarter.

    This establishment aimed to make the trade of diamonds as easy as possible, with the least amount of obstruction and paperwork. In 1974 The Diamond Office became part of the Hoge Raad Voor Diamant HRD the Diamond High Council, which was created a year earlier in response to the Belgian government as well as the industry itself to help and safeguard the industry of diamonds in Belgium. In 2007 the HRD changed its name to Antwerp World Diamond Centre.


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    Antwerp is a popular tourist attraction in Belgium for well-founded reasons. It’s one of Belgium’s biggest cities and boasts one of the largest ports around the globe and is internationally known for its vast diamond trade. It’s marked by both historic cobblestone ways and modern architecture with an artistic atmosphere. This would make the town undeniably enticing for couples looking for romance. Exploring the gorgeous city of Antwerp is a given, with botanic gardens to the amazing streets of the town.

    When visiting, make sure to have someone that can accompany you and get lost romantically within this wonderful northern city. Have someone that is gentle and caring by your side, a lady of class and elegance with intelligence and grace that cannot be seen elsewhere. Visit a museum telling the story of the artistry and life of Peter Paul Rubens, a well-known painter of the 16th century.

    Discover plenty of information and bask in the beauty of many artworks with a date that is equally interesting. As you know, Peter Paul Rubens is considered to be the most important illustration of the Flemish Baroque style. Go and check out the museum is situated in a historical Flemish townhouse, in which Peter Paul Rubens lived and worked with your gorgeous travel companion.

    Antwerp is a famous city because it is one of the most prestigious diamond-related cities around the world therefore a stroll through the city’s Diamond District a region within the City of Antwerp is a must. What is better than diamonds your date will proudly wear? Diamonds are renowned for their stunning beauty as well as their high-end quality and their unparalleled beauty when possessing the best clarity.

    This city is a wonderful location to give gifts to the person you cherish most, or to an equally stunning woman who radiates the same luxury as the stunning diamond. Before you choose the best diamond-laden gift you’ve always wanted to give, go to DIVA, a gorgeous diamond museum that can give you suggestions on diamonds and the style you prefer. Next, visit The Diamond Quarter and visit one of the many high-end diamond shops.

    Retreat to one of the city’s renowned 5-star hotels with your travel companion after a day of exploring and you’ll be sure to have a relaxing time with one of the world’s best hotels. Antwerp is a beautiful place to vacation to, and it would be a hundred times better when visited with a gorgeous and interesting travel date.


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    Antwerp is a busy seaport lying on the river Scheldt known for its diamond trade, historical center, bustling contemporary art scene, and fashion designers. It is here that gastronomy intersects architecture, with many restaurants taking place in odd buildings that will best compliment Antwerp’s upscale dining experience. With a wide range of luxurious fine dining restaurants which have their style in serving top-of-the-line dishes.

    A classy restaurant situated in a chapel belonging to an old military hospital in the heart of Antwerp is where they shine the spotlight on the dining experience. A spectacular chandelier with 150 lights as well as a neon skull and a modern interpretation of the symbols of the religion of the former chapel’s stained-glass windows are featured in the stunning interior.

    Two master chefs are cooking food in the open kitchen that was built upon the altar that was once used. Food is served with the most exacting precision and is served with a superb selection of organic and classic wines.

    Or dine in a former 19th-century manor house It is the best spot to enjoy the best French food in prestigious surroundings. A grand dome and long-standing mosaic floors provide the ideal location for this luxurious retreat located in the city’s residential areas.

    The quality of the restaurant’s owners, French chef Julian Burlat and his Belgian wife Sophie Verbeke, can never be dimmed as thy have been awarded a Michelin star. Julian’s passion for food can be seen in his exquisitely prepared food items.

    He loves creating unique meals using only the finest ingredients creating an exquisite menu worthy of a nobleman. To know more about Antwerp’s amazing food scene, check out the Michelin guide for the upscale dining experience: