Amazing Atlanta And Its Features


    July 22, 2022


    About Atlanta City

    Atlanta is situated in the US territory of Georgia. It is Georgia’s biggest city and the state capital. This city is called the “City in a Forest” with upwards of 100,000 trees planted and disseminated through the non-profit movement ‘Trees Atlanta’. The National Forest Service has perceived Atlanta as “the most heavily forested metropolitan region in the United States,” covering 47.9% of the city.

    Based on history, Atlanta is the only city in North America to have been obliterated as an act of war when General Sherman set it ablaze in November of 1864. Just 400 structures survived that time, yet the city remade itself from the ashes and this has become the reason why the phoenix is Atlanta’s symbol.

    This city of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport holds the title of “the world’s busiest airport” for 18 years before the pandemic happened. And Even though a lot of airports claim to be the busiest, no one can deny the fact that this airport holds at least 101 million passengers passing to and from Atlanta. This is because it’s only a three-hour flight from most major US cities and its terminal is basically as large as 45 football fields!


    Atlanta City


    It is also in Atlanta that you will find the tallest structure in the United States not including New York City or Chicago. The Bank of America Plaza remains at 1,023 feet tall and rules the city’s horizon. One of the fascinating pieces of the plan of the structure is that there are no road level entrances, instead, people enter and exit the building via the parking lots situated underground.

    The city of Atlanta has been hailed as the fifth biggest population in the U.S. with almost 6 million inhabitants. It is an essential transportation center in southeastern United States. The city is home to the headquarters of mega-companies such as the Coca-Cola, UPS, Home Depot, Delta Air Lines and even Turner Broadcasting.

    Albeit conventional Southern culture is very much part of the backbone of the city, its presence has shaped the background to one of the country’s main international metropolises. This one of a kind culture combination can be seen from exhibits and collections found in the High Museum of Art, the bohemian shops of Little Five Points, and the multicultural culinary fusions and options found along Buford Highway.

    Atlanta houses plenty of museums and attractions such as the famous Atlanta History Center and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Public Historic Site. It is also in this city that the great institutions such as Clark Atlanta University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University and others has found their home.


    Travel and Dating in Atlanta

    Atlanta is not like any other city, especially when it comes to women. Many have said dating in Atlanta is different and since you’re here with an elite travel companion, you’ll likely experience one-of-a-kind pampering and Atlanta dating experience. Atlanta boasts of plenty of places to go and visit should you want to spend some time wandering about in the city. You will be escorted by a gorgeous and well-spoken lady that is interested in making your stay comfortable and luxurious as usual. Your travel companion has mastered the skill of ignoring ungentlemanly attitude and ill-mannered people.

    That being said, if your elite companion has met and made you welcome, this means that she has accepted you and is interested in knowing you at a deeper level. This implies that she is an educated career-woman with a successful career, or is at least enrolled at a university. She may have numerous degrees, and on-call stylists to perfect her look for you. This high-level woman is devastatingly beautiful, and ready to spend her time with you, discovering the city together during your stay.

    You and your Atlanta escort companion can visit the many museums that is scattered strategically around the city that showcases many amazing and curiosity-sparking exhibits. You may check out The Center for Civil and Human Rights that was opened in 2014. This attraction is a wonderful walkthrough of the history of the American Civil Rights and showcases the fights for equality, racism and raises many questions that challenges the systems in America. It may be both an eye-opener and an outstanding conversation-starter for both you and your beautiful date.

    You could also bask in the glory of nature if you want to visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden where thousand of rare and amazing plant species thrive in a 30-acre land with suspended walkways and rare orchids. Your date can marvel at the beauty of flowers while you marvel at her at the same time! There is also an upscale restaurant that you may visit and sample some of their dishes right inside the botanical garden.

    To be honest, there are many beautiful attractions and hidden gems yet to be discovered in Atlanta if you want to have a little excursion with your lovely companion. Atlanta escorts can show you the amazing hidden city, and it’s a great place to stay and enjoy, especially with a gorgeous date to show you around and make your visit a memorable one.


    elite travel companion previewDining in Atlanta

    Atlanta is not in the shortage of famous dining places, such as the Busy Bee Cafe and newbie like Slutty Vegan have in no time turned into probably the most discussed restaurants in the city. In any case, Atlanta stays an extraordinary food city in light of the fact that its culinary encounters are as unique as its locals whose diversity is clear to see. It is mind blowing that local people can sample countless flavors from around the world within just one city. And that makes Atlanta’s diverse and amazing food scene wonderful and intimidating at the same time.

    To assist you and your darling companion with exploring the coolest food places in the city — whether it be a true southern fare, Vietnamese food experience, family-style Italian feasts, posh Asian fusion restaurants, one of the best vegan cafes, omakase and Japanese cuisines, high-end American contemporary, or whatever you’re into — this is your guide to finding some of the most unforgettable epicurean experiences in the city. Atlanta’s culinary scene is vibrant, busy and ever evolving and it’s a great experience to be shared with someone that appreciates food like you do. This may be the time you can brag to your friends that you’re a true food fan as you navigate the huge Atlanta food scene with your travel date.

    With no biases, Atlanta may be one of the most romantic places in the United States. The reason for this is that there are a lot of truly exceptional restaurants that deliver high class cuisine and romantic vibes. It would be best to have lasting and meaningful conversations on one of their tables while enjoying the night away with fantastic food and wine. If you’re into full course dining experiences, Atlanta has some restaurants ready to serve you and your date. Experience exquisite dining and attention to detail while you create lasting memories with your companion. Talk about great and real conversations through 6 or 8 course meals and have the option to choose vegetarian as well.

    Tucked away in a small place within the city, you may find one of the best steakhouses that is sure to be cut above the rest. Excellent for an intimate dinner date, steaks can be a sure way to end the night wonderfully. To help you with your quest to find the best dining experience for you and your date, has curated an updated list of exquisite dining places.